Red Scarf Girl Character Analysis

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Red Scarf Girl by Ji-Li Jiang is a memoir about the Cultural Revolution in China, and her experiences during the revolution. Ji-li faces many challenges throughout the revolution, such as figuring out what who she wants to be, and what she stands for. Ji-li begins to understand who she is when she gets help from other characters. Many characters guide Ji li to understand what she stands for in life, and who she wants to be throughout the revolution, including are An Yi, Teacher Zang and Thin face. One character who helps Ji-li realize what she stands for and who she is, is her Teacher Zang. When Ji-li starts middle school she gets a new teacher named Teacher Zang, who pushes Ji- li to do the best she can. For example he pushes Ji-li to forget…show more content…
An Yi helps teach Ji-li too understand herself and what she stands for, through her loyal, caring and understanding nature. For example she sticks by Ji-lis side when people start to write mean things about her. “Ji-li, it’s me. I came back. I was getting worried” (Jiang 50) this happened when someone wrote a da-zi-bao about Ji-li. A da-zi-bao is meant to people humiliate and attack people, and friends can believe the da-zi-bao and betray a friend. But An yi stays by Ji-li to make sure she is okay and gets to understand her struggles. This shows how An Yi helps Ji-li understand herself because she helps Ji-li to realize she’s not the only one being criticized by everyone and that she can be strong throughout the revolution. Another example of how An Yi helps Ji-li is when she stays optimistic while figuring out there fate. “Listen, let’s predict the future ...We write different things on pieces of paper and put them on the windowsill. The first one to blow off will come true. Predicting the future was four olds, but we could not help doing it anyway” (Jiang 154). This shows how An Yi helps Ji-li understand herself because even though they were doing something against the law, An Yi showed Ji-li that e you may not be doing everything perfect, but as long as you are happy that is all that matters. Overall An Yi helps Ji li because she helps Ji-li with understanding how life really is, and shows how Ji-li just needs to

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