Led Zeppelin's Trac Song Analysis: Stairway To Heaven

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Led Zeppelin began their career in 1968 as an English Rock band. The band originally began playing music that fit the genres of both psychedelia and blues. They were originally known as the “New Yardbirds”, until being signed with a deal by the Atlantic Records. Led Zeppelin, though beginning their career in psychedelia and blues, began playing music that fit more into the heavy metal, folk, and blues genre. They were awarded the freedom to really begin making their own distinct music and do their own thing upon signing with Atlantic Records. Jimmy Page was the lead guitarist, John Paul Jones was both the keyboardist and the bassist, the drummer was John Bonham, and the lead singer was Robert Plant. Led Zeppelin really fits into the history of rock music primarily because of the impact that they have had on it. Led Zeppelin is one of the most well renowned and successful rock groups in history, and they continue to impact the world of rock today. The…show more content…
The form of the song is Intro, Verse, Interlude, Verse, Interlude. The song is broken down into three sections, all of which seem to be very distinct from the others. I do not believe that this is one of the sections that has been covered within our class. The song begins using all acoustic instruments and these sound to be both a guitar and a recorder (or maybe even a flute of some sort). The electric instruments then begin to chime in and the song ends with nothing but vocals. The main instruments that I have noticed are electric and acoustic guitar, drums, recorder (electric?), a bass guitar, and the keyboard. The song appears to have a combination of reverb and compression. The combination is clearly broken up and distinct from one another, but each of the several sections have their own type of reverb or compression. The acoustic guitar takes up the majority of the reverb, while the drums are definitely

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