Trojan Horse In The Aeneid

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The moment in the Aeneid that I want to explore and rewrite the outcome is the Trojans’ decision to bring the Trojan horse into Troy. This moment provokes the thought about the decision for the Trojans to trust the Greeks and bring the wooden horse into Troy. This essay is written to analyze the decision of the Trojans’ bringing the Trojan horse into Troy, and what might have happened if the Trojans did not bring the Trojan horse into Troy. In Virgil’s Aeneid, the Trojans make the decision to bring the Trojan horse into the city of Troy. Aeneas mournfully begins with the story of the fall of Troy. He describes how, in the tenth year of the Trojan War, the Greeks built a massive wooden horse, which they then thought was intended as an offering to the goddess Minerva in order to gain her protection on their…show more content…
If the Trojans would have believed Laocoön, and destroyed it; they would have found the Greek warriors inside the wooden horse and would have changed the outcome of the war. The Greeks had been trying to breach Troy’s walls for 10 ten years and have failed in all attempts before the Trojan horse. If this attempt would also fail, I find it unlikely for the Greeks to win the war and destroy Troy’s sacred citadel. “…let us change our shields, take Danaan armor for ourselves. If that be guile or valor-who would ask in war? Our enemies will give us weapons. (2.524-527)”. These lines come from Aeneas's explanation of the fall of Troy. After all he talks about how the Greeks are a bunch of low-down, dirty sneaks, he reveals that the Trojans themselves ended up using trickery during the war as well. This moment would have changed drastically if the Trojans would have found the Greeks in Trojan horse and won the war. It might have gave Aeneas a different view of themselves (i.e. the Trojans) and have not realized the faults in their war

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