Revealed: A Fictional Narrative

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When I came to my head was in her lap and she was looking down at me. "Are you ok?" She said stuttering. "I will be... ok..., did" I said coughing up blood. "No, they didn't hurt me. Your coughing up blood, I'll get you to the nurse’s office!" She argued. I slowly got up feeling the pain in my stomach and all over I let out a loud scream and grimaced in pain. "I am tired of having people fight my battles for me! Just because I'm weak, doesn't mean that I can’t fight them!" I bawled. I made a fist and hit the wall. Over and over, again and again. "Stop!! Please stop!" she screamed. "If only I was stronger! If only I was better! I wouldn't be like this!" I blurted out. She ran towards me and tackled me to the ground. "What are you doing!?…show more content…
"No! I am not going to let you go if you’re going to hurt yourself!" She started crying and pleading "Stop... Please... I'm begging you! You don't have to do this. I helped you... Because... I am your friend! And friends help each other, no matter what! And they stop each other from getting hurt. So please... Stop!" She fell on top of me and her tears were hitting my face. I started to cry. “Am I really your friend?" I said almost not even audibly noticeable. “Yes... You are. I have been through the same thing. People are mean to me because I'm different. And I saw that in you and I figured we could be friends. So when I went to ask you if you wanted to be friends I saw you getting beat up. And I couldn't just stand there and let you get hurt." She said tears still hitting my face. I hugged her and squeezed tightly. I never felt this way. Never felt as if I was needed or wanted. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I am a horrible

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