How Does Politics Affect The PA Profession

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Whether in the PA profession or not, everyone is impacted by politics. Not only can political decisions have an affect on our personal lives, but they can also affect our professional lives as PAs. More importantly laws and regulations can impact our patients. It is for this reason that as PAs we have a responsibility to be well grounded in the political process. We can use our understanding to further our patients’ interests as well as our own. The most important thing we can do as PAs is keep up-to-date and informed about political matters and trends regarding health care. Staying informed will help one to engage in insightful voting. Everyone should vote, but as PAs we should have even more of an inclination to vote because the outcomes could not only impact our professional and personal life, but they can also influence our patients’ lives. While staying informed and voting are two key responsibilities we have, I believe that we need to go a step further.…show more content…
In the case of legislators we could share our knowledge in regards to current health care topics and give advice about other health issues the public is facing today. This will help legislators to see that you are working for the welfare of your patients. Building your credibility and relationships with legislators can influence their receptiveness when you approach them in regards to bills that directly impact the PA profession. As PAs we should also keep in communication with the Medical Board in the state that we practice. If there are public meetings we need to take the opportunity and attend them. We should also leave comments and express our thoughts on proposed regulations because they can have a direct impact on our

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