Advantages Of The Us Constitution Vs American Constitution

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The Japanese Constitution was written in 1946 during the Allied Occupation of Japan following World War II. The Japanese Constitution consists of a preamble, 11 chapters, 103 articles, and has not been amended since it was ratified. Conversely, the American Constitution contains a preamble, seven articles, and 27 amendments. Although the Japanese Constitution was based loosely off the American Constitution there are a few important differences. The most essential piece of a constitution is its ability to limit the power of the government. The American Constitution does this by creating a presidential system with checks and balances. The citizens elect the Legislative and Executive branches and the Executive branch appoints the judicial branch. The Japanese government is a parliamentary system. The citizens elect the Diet, or the House of Representatives, and the Diet elects the Prime Minister. Another significant difference occurs in Article Nine of…show more content…
The American Constitution easily fulfills John Locke’s natural rights of life, liberty, and property while creating safe, stable daily lives for the citizens of the U.S. Although the Japanese constitution states individual rights a little more clearly the U.S. constitution covers the important rights and leaves the ability to amend the constitution to add more. Also, the Japanese policy on peace may seem like it would be safer, but in today’s international system of anarchy a strong army is critical to forming a government that is beneficial to society. The U.S. military is necessary in creating a stable structure that is indispensable to constitutionalism. Finally, The U.S. method of checks and balances keeps any one branch from gaining too much power while simultaneously allowing quick action when needed. The American constitution leaves us with a stable country to freely pursue the rights of life, liberty, and

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