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In Resurrection, Madigan and Levinson trace the idea and meaning of resurrection through early Judaism and Christianity. Both the similarities and differences between Jewish and Christian thought regarding resurrection are highlighted, as well as the common source for this concept, the Hebrew Scriptures. Resurrection is an exceptional read, particularly for those who are unsatisfied with resurrection models that involve disembodied souls escaping to heaven. This book challenges the notion that resurrection is solely survival of the spirit, and that heaven is full of ghosts. Instead, resurrection is explored as a communal, bodily experience that takes place in the world, not after it. Furthermore, this book raises crucial questions regarding the physical nature of the…show more content…
In these chapters the authors discuss Sheol and the Temple of Ezekiel’s vision. The question “do all people go to Sheol?” is explored. Contrary to popular thought, Sheol may not be the destination for all who died in early Jewish thought. Rather, Sheol is mentioned whenever the death is unnatural, and the person dies unfulfilled in some way. This is not so different from modern ideas of ghosts and spirits who linger when they die in unnatural ways. A different fate seems to await those who die after full, blessed lives, such as Abraham and Moses. This positive fate is survival of the community, of the family, but not teleportation to anything like our modern conception of heaven. People continue on, not as concrete beings, but as names and descendants. This is a difficult concept for a society where many of even the most irreligious believe in some kind of inherent immortality. Regarding this kind of resurrection, the authors write “Death would remain universal, but not everyone would experience it as a plague.” The authors conclude there is nothing like our idea of heaven awaiting the faithful Israelites who

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