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Christians and Muslims responses are vastly different but basically had the same worshiper and same reactions to the plague. The Plague all started somewhere around the mid 14th centuries. This wasn't the first time that the Black Death had happened. When they started trading and travelling the plague became more common and spread more quickly around the world. This Plague had three bacterial strains bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic. If you were exposed and caught the plague you would eventually start to see lots of swelling with pus inside that was referred to as “buboes”. Christians and Muslims are different, but had the exact same symptoms and bacterial strains. If you had the bubonic type the symptoms you would get were the chills, fevers, vomiting, and rapid heartbeat. The…show more content…
Muslims said anything that was sent from God we should embrace it and count it as a blessing. The Muslims had 4 to 8,000,000 people. When the Plague hit them they were left with only 25% Muslim population. A true Muslim is taught to accept the “divine act”. Dont get me wrong yes the Muslims were also scared and didn't have a clue of why it was happening , but they tried to see the good side in all of this. To prevent the Plague they would build fires to purify the contaminated air and eat pickled onions, pumpkin seeds, and sour juices. They would sleeping on their backs and cover their windows with wax.Also the Muslims came up with the idea to breathe in latrine vapors. The Muslims had a few doctors back then and even they had no clue or cure of why this was happening and the doctors would soon get the Plague to because they were around victims of the Plague so much. They didn't understand why so many of the Muslim population people were dying, if they caught the Plague then they would die within 50 hours. The Muslims said they didn't need to pray because even though it was a bad thing it was still a gift from

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