John Wilkes Booth Shot The President Analysis

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John Wilkes Booth Shot The President After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth fled to southern Maryland. He entered Beantown in Maryland and went to the home of Dr. Samuel Mudd. At Mudd’s farm Booth got his broken leg wrapped, Mudd made him crutches, he let the two assassins stay the night. While in town Herold saw soldiers close to Mudd’s farm. He ran back the the farm and told Mudd he wouldn't need a carriage, and that Booth could still ride a horse. Mudd had wondered why the sudden change had happened until someone shouted “Abraham Lincoln was assassinated last night! He died and the killer was John Wilkes Booth!” Mudd had come back to the farm and told Booth and Herold that he wouldn’t give them away. On their way to the home of Captain Cox they found a man by the name of Oswell Swann who had agreed to take them there for 7 dollars.…show more content…
Cox suspiciously opened the door, Booth pleaded for help. Cox saw the initials J.W.B on Booth's hand and allowed the two assassins to come in. Cox helped the fugitives decide where their next move was. They decided on a man named Thomas Jone. The three decided it wasn't safe enough to stay at Cox’s house, they stayed in the woods for the night. They safely slept in the woods and ate food that Cox offered them. The next morning Cox talked to Jones and he brought him the the fugitives. The fugitives talked to Jones about crossing the river into Virginia. Jones said it might take days, and that there wasn't going be a doctor for Booth until they got into Virginia. That night Booth heard the noise of the soldiers horses, they couldn't leave tonight or else the soldiers would catch them. So Booth made the decision to sleep on the ground again. On the April 20th the two fugitives crossed the river, safely into

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