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The video game is one of the most noticeable advancements in the technology realm in the past 20 years -- at least for this generation’s youth. Video Game, according to Merriam-Webster, is “an electronic game played by means of images on a video screen and often emphasizing fast action” ("Video Game"). There are many genres of video games. As stated in “Genre breakdown of video game sales in the United States in 2014” on Statista, the most popular video game genres -- in order of popularity-- are action, shooter, sports and role-playing games ("U.S. video game genre sales 2014 | Statistic"). For example, the action genre -- according to the 2014 sales record -- leads the group with 28.2% of all video games sales due to many factors ("U.S.…show more content…
For example, at the top of the list, GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 -- one of the most popular gaming consoles in its day -- is placed at number five of the most popular first person genre. There are many reasons for this placement even though this game is almost two decades old; one is that it was the first game on the market place that actually a multiplayer -- a staple in modern first person shooters. It also had the cast of one of most, if not the most, popular spy series: 007 James Bond. This game sold over 8.09 million copies ("Top 100 Shooters - IGN"). The Halo series is another popular instalment into the first person shooters. This game had one of the defining moments in shooter history, proving once and for all that the FPS -- first person shooters -- could be played on consoles too. Set in the distant future the main hero, Master Chief, is faced with many challenges to overcome: fighting aliens, flying spaceships and battling galactic armies. This game series has sold over 56 million games total, for an average of 8.09 million per game. Also, the Battlefield games are a very high selling lot. These games are set in almost every war over many time periods. Because they are known for their high realism, they have sold very well in the modern market. On average the games sell around 12.07 million copies. Additionally on this list is the popular Nintendo Entertainment System -- an early gaming system -- game Duck Hunt at number two. If GoldenEye is considered old then this game is ancient, over 30 years old. It outsold every other shooter in its time, due to it being one of the first, first person shooters. It has sold over 28.31 million copies since its release. Furthermore, at the top of the list is the Call of Duty series. These games are the definition of the first person shooter; they incorporate all the aspects of the shooter genre to the nth degree. With loads

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