Harvest Of Death Distinctively Visual Analysis Essay

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The photograph captured the picture of fallen soldiers from the battle in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In July 1863 this picture was taken after a great battle was fought and many lives were lost. The title of the photo is called A Harvest of Death by Timothy O’Sullivan. The way these pictures were taken back in the day captured the reality of warfare and the tragedies of what happens during the war. There is no way you can capture the real tragic even then a picture because the facial expressions can give you the most feedback of how horrifying the seen must have really been standing there during the war. the picture seems to be an electronic media of an medium do to it being a photograph. the photograph doesn't have the original mediums of oil paints and clay. However the picture has a lot of setting and within the seating gives the picture more meaning and potential eye catching stuff. The setting in my view is just like the medium. The fog gives the picture more of a daunting scary look with all the dead bodies laying there lifeless on the ground. With fog comes the assumption of cold weather too. Also by the picture being black and white gives the Audience more of a dark feeling about the picture. On the other hand the dead bodies do give way like a sculpture would. The lifeless bodies can give off meaning to the Audience as well. People can see the dead as dark and sad, so giving the…show more content…
the fight at Gettysburg was fought between the Union and Confederate forces during the American Civil War. From July 1st- 3rd about 9,000 people were killed and this picture just shows a few lifeless cold bodies lying to rough in the ground. This can also be overlooked as how everyone starts and dies. We all start out as nothing and all end up being buried in the grounds so there for we are all equal and should be happy to live day by day and enjoy life before it is your time to

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