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As women and men we desire certain fantasies and sexuality from our partners and as year’s advance the want has only increased into a need. Sexual freedom has changed over time, the bedroom has become more open to ideas but the other parts of our lives have become so confused . Women’s sexual desire has increased throughout the years but when focusing on a stable relationship has become to be a conflict that they do not know how to fix. Leslie Bell, author of ‘Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom’, has expressed that women in the time of their prime have no problem in the bedroom but are having troubles obtaining a stable relationship with a man, when the men mostly seem to hurt them. (Bell 25). The issues…show more content…
Women have had the deal with the consequences of having to please a man or having to be called a ‘whore’ behind their backs. Throughout time it seems that women are considered to uphold a symbol of purity and innocence; they have had to oppress their own sexual needs that it has made them feel tarnished and disgusted with themselves. Bell states “Claudia felt some shame about her sexual desires and feared others might label her a ‘ho’ for acting on them.” (Bell 25). The traditional values that have been imprinted into our minds are making our decisions much more difficult to make. Its hard to tell the difference between deciding if its our parents making our minds for us or our we using free will. The traditional values that have been passed down from family member to family member has altered throughout the years. Now during this time and century, those old values have been outdated and just seem to limit what we truly want. The old ways say that women should save themselves for marriage, marry their first boyfriend, stay in one marriage until death, have a family, and…show more content…
Women have become more empowered and successful, there is a higher percentage of women in colleges/universities then men. Women have moved from the stereotypical version of being pregnant and barefoot while cooking in the kitchen to running Fortune 500 companies and being CEO. Modern values have allowed women to express themselves much more freely sexual as well. There is so shame of having a strictly sexual relationship with a man or woman. There is no shame of experimenting or living a certain lifestyle with their partner. Women feel much more comfortable in the bedroom then they do in real life. During any other time they fear relationships. They fear that they will no longer know who they are anymore. That the years of work that they have put into their academics will be thrown out the window. There is more fear of ending as their parents or some unhappy couple then the happy outcome that are constantly told in society. Modern Values have been able to give a lot of people an open mind. it has given a chance for women to have equal power as men, it has given a chance for people of the same sex to love each other openly, and it has even everyone a chance to not fear their own sexual

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