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ENGL 0903 Fall 2015 Due: Monday, Sept. 28 Sentence Fragments, Fused Sentences, and Comma Splices Quiz Tasks: The following odd news story contains ten (10) errors courtesy of yours truly. Specifically, there are four (4) sentence fragments, (3) three fused sentences, and three (3) comma splices. There also just happen to be ten paragraphs, so I’ll leave it to you to do the math there. Your task is to both identify and correct all errors. When you correct the error, use the appropriate proofreading symbols. When you identify the error, simply write “Frag” or “CS” or “Fus” in the margin next to the paragraph. Each paragraph is worth ten (10) points, five (5) for the correction and five (5) for the identification. Note: This is a quiz about sentence fragments, fused sentences, and comma splices. Please resist the impulse to randomly correct other…show more content…
Beatrice Delap, 9, wrote to Captain Jack Sparrow, Depp's character in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, asking for help with an uprising against teachers at Meridian Primary School is located in Greenwich, south-east London. "We are a bunch of budding young pirates and we were having a bit of trouble mutiny-ing against the teachers, and we'd love if you could come and help," Delap wrote to Depp. The letter, which contained several moving images of the class in pirate costumes and described the various “atrocities” the teachers had inflicted upon the student body. Depp, who is in south-east London filming the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie On Stranger Tides, gave the school 10 minutes notice on Wednesday that he was on his way the school responded

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