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In March of 2005, Jeannette Walls released her memoir called “The Glass castle”. Recently, in August of 2017 “The Glass Castle” was released as a movie that was written by Destin Daniel Cretton and Andrew Lanham. The movie starred Brie Larson as Jeannette and also casted Emmy Award winning actor Woody Harrelson. More minor roles such as, Rose Mary, Lori, and Brian were played by Naomi Watts, Charlie Shotwell, and Sadie Sink. When watching the film my expectations and hopes became present in my head and I knew that Jenn Doll was right in saying, ”Lowly paper and ink, printed words capturing the madly spun ideas of one writer’s mind that went on to inspire whatever interpretations and visualizations the reader desires”(1). I was not extremely disappointed after…show more content…
In the movie, Jeannette asked her dad to stop drinking and it took place at a different time and different setting, but it had the same tone and mood of the book. Two scenes that were almost exactly congruent with the movie is the scene where Irma tried to touch Brian and the following scene where Rex reacted to that. This was an important scene because it gave insight to Rex’s childhood and a possible reason that he acts as he does. The last scene that was different in tone and a little different in action was the bar scene. Rex let Jeannette go upstairs with Robby out of anger because he found out that she planned to leave. The tone was different, but it didn’t change the storyline or the reaction Jeannette had. The scene after was important because Jeannette felt that her dad wasn’t there to protect her anymore. The movie made the most important scenes identical. After reviewing this movie, I felt like the movie was lively, fun, and entertaining. The movie did some things differently than the book, but it told Jeannette Walls’ story very well. I recommend any class studying this book should end by watching the

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