The Glass Castle By Jeanette Walls Analysis

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The Glass Castle The life of Jeanette Walls and her family was obviously not very ordinary. With daily struggles and no foundation to the family it seemed as if life was constantly full of adversary, trauma, and hardship. Their homes were constantly changing throughout years because of Jeanette’s parents irresponsibility. There were periods of no food and other necessities that were vital for living. You can say that for the most part the Walls family lived a turbulent life. Although that seemed to be the way that mom and dad wanted to live, once the children grew out of the lies and stories they went on a search for a way out of their parents lifestyle. Certainly, every character lived with turbulence and order as a constant theme in their lives. For Jeanette turbulence and order seemed to continuously be…show more content…
You make your own decision and can lead yourself either way and hopefully you go toward order. You can fight your way toward order or let the breeze take you back to turbulence. We currently have the privilege to choose which way we are going and it shouldn't be taken for granted. The way you manage your life leads to turbulence or order. Either it is success and all of your dreams coming true, or it is ending up where you did not think was possible. Furthermore, I believe the author was also trying to make a point that order can not exist without turbulence. Without the struggles or turbulence that Jeanette and her siblings went through as children she would not have a motive to seek order. Ultimately, in order for success there has to be failure. In other words, there has to be balance to everything. There can’t be good without evil, there cant be peace without chaos, and there can’t be order without turbulence. The author is completely right. Without balance there would be no purpose, everything has to be done in

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