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Marco Polo is a man whose legend and bravery is noted throughout the world. His life, and most importantly, his journey to the east, was a key component to the growth and development of the European world during the 13th century. Without Marco Polo, and most specifically the chronicles he wrote, the world would absolutely not be the same. Born on September 15, 1254, Marco Polo was raised by his father Niccolò and his aunt and uncle. Niccolò was a wealthy merchant who gained prestige and money by trading with the near east, and this is where Marco learned much of his education. At seventeen, Marco set off with his father to the Eastern World. They sailed for twenty-four years, trading for precious jewels and furs. When they returned, they had covered a vast distance of 15,000 miles (Inside the Medieval…show more content…
Because of the way Marco wrote and distributed it, there is no single copy that can be considered the original or most accurate. One of the most popular versions begins by describing the first journey to Bolghar with Marco, his father, and his uncle. In Bolghar, Marco meets with Berke, the oldest son of the conquerer Genghis Khan. After spending a year in Bolghar, Marco then travels to Ukek, also known as the Golden Horde, and later to Bukhara. Bukhara, known today as a capital in Uzbekistan, was a homeland for famous scientists and scholars such as Avicenna and Bal’ami. While in Bukhara, Marco and his crew are invited to meet the current emperor of China, Kublai Khan. For Kublai, this was the first time he had ever seen Europeans. So Marco then leaves and sets sail for what is present day Beijing, China. When they arrive in 1266, they are greeted by the emperor and treated with hospitality as guests. Other than being interested in the legal system of Europe, Kublai is also fascinated by the Church and the Pope in

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