Real Woman Have Curves

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The movie title Real Woman Have Curves has two meanings. The first meaning does not only refer to a woman’s shape, but it also refers to a woman who has the guts to do something and achieve goals. The director of the film Patricia Cardoso seems to address the different aspects of two cultures. With two cultures at different ends of a spectrum, Ana Garcia must learn how to navigate these two cultures without losing the bond that she has between her and her family. Basically to me this movie is about a battle between a woman's dream desire to better her life through education and the traditional cultural expectations of her family. The film begins with Ana getting ready for her last day of school before being reminded by her mother that real woman should prepare breakfast for the men. Despite her mother pretending to be ill, Ana decides to disobey her and rode the bus to school. At school, Ana is approached by one of her teachers Mr. Guzman who encourages her to apply to for college by asking her to write a personal statement. This is the part where Ana must decide if she wants to pursue a better life through education than with her mother’s wishes and expectations.…show more content…
She realizes it’s a sweat shop because they are being paid very low wages. The wages that they make according to her sister Estela, is $18 for each dress hand made to the fashion company where they resell them to Bloomingdale’s for about $600. Ana complains to Estela that this whole system is wrong and that just because they come from Mexican descents does not mean that they should be paid low wages. Ana encourages Estela to take a stand and talk with the owner of the fashion company if they can get an advance so that they could pay the bills but it doesn’t turnout the way that they expected it
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