Ray Bradbury's There Will Come Soft Rain

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In “There Will Come Soft Rains”, Ray Bradbury presents a story structured in a way where the reader is forced to infer many things in order to understand the the events that occur. In the story, the automated voice of the house recites a real-life poem also called “There Will Come Soft Rains”. Sara Teasdale’s poem discusses a subject that coincides with Bradbury’s story. Bradbury’s story has many corresponding qualities to Teasedale’s poem, but also many qualities that do not correspond. Bradbury presents his story with the main character being the house. This is true because later in the story, the reader realizes that there aren’t any people that are actively involved. It reveals the protagonist and antagonist more clearly when the tree catches on fire, spreading it throughout the house. This enables the reader to apprecieve that the theme is that nature will always have the upper hand in how the world works, over humans and their technological creations. For example, in relation to the title, rain is used to advocate nature’s stance. In many different sections of the story, rainfall is present. In the beginning, the weather box sang its song about the rain going away. Later in the story, when the tree fell on the house igniting it with fire, the house seemed panicked and helpless,…show more content…
The main point of what Teasdale is trying to send to the reader of her poem is that because after everything humans do on earth, nature will always go back to normal, meaning that all of our wars are insignificant, and that nature doesn’t need mankind for anything. Bradbury’s motive to write the book was to tell about how human’s creations have disconnected them from nature, which had caused deaths from nuclear wars. They differ because Bradbury’s rendition of the story was more of an impression of loss, but Teasedale’s rendition gives an impression of
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