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Chapter 12 Notes The Rise of the Mongols The prairies and the deserts belonging to Central Asia and Inner Asia contributed to the expansion of the Mongol Empire. However other successes in things like human interaction and social success cannot be traced back to a certain environmental factor. Nomadism also contributed to the rise of the empire and it’s expansion, starting one of the greatest empires in history. Nomadism in Central and Inner Asia Steppe nomads can accredit their success to their superb riding skills as hunters and warriors. There are even stories where they went to the lengths to train their young children to get used to riding on an animal by placing them on goats as infants. Menial work was usually given to slaves or…show more content…
Khubilai Khan named his son with a Chinese name and sent him to Chinese schools. Lamas became a popular teaching within the Mongols and the idea of a universal ruler cause some rules in between 1200 and 1300 to be influenced by this. Bejing then became the center for economic and political action. The City of Khan was also created and it incorporated many Chinese elements in the culture and architecture, especially. “China” as we see it, did not exist before the Mongols. But by defeating the emperor, the Great Khan unified China from it’s three states and encouraged the restoration and preservation of the Chinese culture. Racial ranking seems to have a big part in the social hierarchy and Confucian teaching criticized the preferring of merchants. They focused on keeping track of taxes and population count but conducting censuses. The city seemed to show evidence of prosperity and wealth. However because merchants were now wealthy, the families who focused on educating sons, shifted over to starting business and trade. However, the agricultural system was not sufficient enough to provide the Mongol government with what they needed. Copper coinage was introduced and it somewhat stabilized the economy. Speeches became mixed and published works also lead to the development of more detailed languages, one of the most lasting improvements being Mandarin. The knowledge of cotton growing spread and the growing of cash crops became more popular. Countrysides endured harsh taxes and Chinese population may have

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