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The honey badger, also known as Mellivora capensis, has few to no fears. It is an animal that, in almost any situation, can easily survive. The situation may be finding food, finding water, or even being attacked. It has many characteristics that help it survive in any circumstances. Although increased agriculture and expansion of human settlements resulted in decreased number of badgers because they destroy bee hives and attack livestock and honey badgers eat honey bee larvae. Yet, it is still not an endangered species. The honey badger is said to be the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom and it was many traits to prove it. The honey badger or ratel is a member of the skunk and badger family. It is related to wolverines and martens. The encyclopedia says that it is shown by the resemblance in the teeth, “the honey badger resembles in fossorial form and perhaps in its fierce…show more content…
It has long sharp claws that help to dig, therefore, they are very swift diggers. They have incredibly thick skin (1/4 inches) and it is also loose. Very sharp teeth and a strong smelling odor. All of these physical characteristics help the mammal in situations of attack. The muscular body comes in handy when it needs to run away or climb to escape its predators which only includes lions, leopards, and humans. The thick skin helps it to move and turn even if it has found itself in a predators grasp. Their skin cannot be pierced with arrows, spears, or a machete let alone teeth from another animal. Their sharp teeth help to not only attack but to break open tortoise shells to eat them. Their odor chases away the predators also. It moves very quickly and it is able to chase lions away from their prey so that the badger has it for itself. It also attacks bee hives full of killer bees with no fear. It also attacks the hives because the bee stings do not affect the

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