Moving To San Francisco: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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At the time I was applying to schools in my senior year I never realize how hard it would be to let go. It is ironic though because my dream was to get out of that place I grew up in, my home. I wanted to get away from my parents and the weather because I was so tired of my never ending routine. Moving to San Francisco was my escape. It was tough, I have to say from finding an apartment, doing an online course required by the school, and balancing family problem and other things on the side was pretty difficult. All my life I dreamt that my future belonged in college never anywhere else, but I never realize that by doing that I would be losing so much. I lost touch with a lot of friends and rarely talk to my sister now. When my parents and…show more content…
Packing, saying goodbye to my friends and doing last minute errands. Nothing at that moment could destroy my happiness, that’s what I would tell myself back then. Once I had arrived I started to immediately unpack while my parents would look all sad and restless. I would be so excited that I would tell my parents that everything was going to be okay and to not worry because I’m all grown up. What I did not realize was that every time I would tell them about San Francisco it was hurting them; I knew this because I could see it in their eyes. They were hurt because I was their last child and I was leaving and there was nothing that they could say or do to stop it. Once they claimed that they had to leave because of work, I became the hurt one. I did not want them to leave anymore; I started to make up these excuses of why not to go back to LA, but at the end they had to leave. It was not an option anymore, so I cried because I could not go back with them. I waved them off and they were back on the road again with one less person accompanying them. The moment they left was the moment that I became a young adult with so many more responsibilities. College life is a great experience with a lot of freedom, but it also comes with

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