Dialectical Journal For The Five People You Meet In Heaven

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The Lesson in the Sacred Place “‘Ma...Mom...Mom,’” the little girl screams as she sees the cart start to fall above her (18). This is a direct quote from a little girl at Ruby Pier right before a man named Eddie jumped out and saves her, but not himself. The main part of the story is Eddie’s journey as he enters heaven. As he goes he meets five different people who each teach him lessons that changed him. In the book, The Five People you Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom describes the main character, Eddie, as he changes from a grumpy, mostly self-centered man to a caring, and understanding man by realizing sacrifice that his life did have a purpose. You first meet Eddie at the pier on a work day. It is known by the reader that it is the hour of his death. For the first 16 pages of the book it is just Eddie doing what he normally does on Ruby Pier fixing things, but the next two pages are when bad things start to happen that will change him. While some people were on a ride the cart had a malfunction, and started to break. As, the other workers got the passengers off the ride the released the cart to go down, but the cable broke and began to fall. Eddie screams and sees the little terrified girl on the platform and began to panic. He hobbled…show more content…
They back through when they were held captive in the Philippines. As they escaped from the mine and they were burning down the huts Eddie thinks he sees someone in the hut, but the others say there is no one. Eddie goes with his gut and goes in the hut, but as he walks in the Captain shoots him in the knee because he promised to leave no man behind. As they were going home the Captain got out of the truck to check for mines, and sadly he found one, but he did save the other 3 people including Eddie. If he wouldn’t of sacrificed himself, then they would've all died. Eddie knows how “sacrifice” is part of life and he did what the Captain did when he

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