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Dreams in A Raisin In The Sun A dream is often seen as a desire. One may dream of becoming a doctor, a police officer or even a successful business owner. There are no limits to the word Dream. Everyone has the right to dream and the right to dream of anything. In the Lorraine Hansberry's play, A Raisin in the Sun, she expresses that dreams can either save or destroy a person through the use of plot, setting and character. First, Plot can have an affect on a person’s dream. For instance, in the play a character named Beneatha has dreams of someday going to med school and eventually becoming a doctor but she needs her father’s insurance money to do so. Her and a character named Asagai talk about her situation and Beneatha says, “fix him…show more content…
Specifically, Walter talks about investing the insurance money into a liquor store with 2 guys named Willy Harris and Bobo. Walter talks with Travis about his investment and says, “You wouldnt understand yet, son, but your daddy’s gonna make a transaction… a business transaction that going to change our lives….(Hansberry 108). Walter has has an optimistic personality in that he tells Travis about his business plan that he thinks will help him reach his dreams of becoming a successful business owner who can provide Ruth and Travis anything they need or desire. In addition,when Beneatha finds out that the insurance money had been lost by her brother Walter she feels hopeless. As Beneatha talks to Asagai about how she wanted to go to med school off of her father’s insurance money Asagai says, “Then isn’t there something wrong in a house--in a world--where all dreams, good or bad, must depend on the death of a man”(Hansberry 135). Asagai prideful personality tells Beneatha that she really should not be upset about the loss of the money because she did not earn it, it was because of her father dying her dreams of going to go to med school could come true. Character can truly affect a person

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