Race Is Not Biological Essay

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Race is not Biological People use the term race to indicate a group of people that share similar physical features that are believed to come from their ancestors. As a result to this, people then think that race is a matter of bloodlines, it is biologically passed down from ones parents. Jenell Paris suggests that race is actually a socially constructed phenomenon, a way to categorize people for social purposes based on one’s physical appearance and differences. (Priest, Robert J.2007) Many do not realize this. Most people do not know that race is a social reality, they believe that it is a biological reality. The way race should be seen is that is just plainly does not exist. The human species evolved from the people in Africa. The migrated to different parts of the world and the geographical environment causes us to have varies physical traits. These differences in appearance are due to mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift (Fisher, Jefferson1995). Because the environments where drastically different in these geographic regions, the human traits changed for…show more content…
Most believe that race is biological because you inherit you looks from your parents. However, race is just a concept and has nothing to do with biological connections. People think that ethnicity is not biological, it is where your ancestors came from. Ethnicity is also believed to represent culture rather than physical features of group identity. Ethnic groups share language, food, fashion, values, and sometimes religion. People will use the terms race and ethnicity interchangeably so they mean the same thing. For example, people will assume that Hispanics are all Spanish speaking, they are Catholic, and are descent from Spain or Latin America. (Priest, Robert J.2007) Race and ethnicity are not the same thing and people do not know this. Race is a social concept and ethnicity is being a part of a social group of the same culture or
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