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Humankind as a whole is powerless in the universe. Humans cannot make it possible to sustain life on other planets, do not get to choose where our Earth is in the universe, and do not have the ability to create life. It comes down to your own beliefs when thinking about who created those things. The Ancient Greeks believed Gaea was the Earth. Perhaps Gaea decided where she wanted to be placed among the stars, or maybe God created the Earth and put it where He wanted. No matter what your belief, there is always the pressing thought of, “Who created all of humankind?” This comes down to personal belief as well, but everyone knows that it is a higher power and not humans. Therefore, no man nor woman should try to play God. Victor Frankenstein…show more content…
Victor's creation may have been corrupted by the way he was treated by humankind, but no one treated Victor this way for creating the phenomenon. No one knew he had created it however, and if they had he knew his name would live on in spite; he would be famous for the downfall of all humankind. Victor’s creation had learned history through the volumes of Paradise Lost. The creation said, “It moved every feeling of wonder and awe that the picture of an omnipotent God warring with his creatures was capable of exciting. I often referred the several situations, as the similarity struck me, to my own,” (117). Victor’s creation sees that in some ways he is just like Adam, made from nothing. He soon realizes however, that Adam was far more different than alike; Adam was perfect in all ways and was made by the almighty God. Adams creator wanted to protect him and care for him, he was able to talk to his Creator. The creation knew Victor did not want him and wanted to kill him, he had no one to help him in his time of need. Not even his supposed to be, Creator. The Devil was a creation of God, but God had cast him down from Heaven, the creature identified with this. “Many times I considered Satan as the fitter emblem of my condition; for often, like him, when I viewed the bliss of my protectors, the bitter gall of envy rose within me,” (117). Basic Biblical knowledge of God and Satan would help lead to the assumption that Victor sees his creation as the only thing keeping him from everything he could accomplish. In the series City of Bones there is a man who struggles to get three objects to produce the ultimate humans. These humans are to fight demons, but the man cannot find the Mortal Cup. When he finds this Mortal Cup, the ultimate humans will take over the world and everything will be ruined as they know it. Just as if Victor were to make another creation, the world could become overrun and corrupted with hideous

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