RFID Advantages And Disadvantages

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RFID RFID is Radio frequency identification. This is evolving technology that involves the reading of physical tags on single product cases, pallets or reusable containers that emits radio signal to be picked up reader devices. This technology makes use of electrostatic and electromagnetic coupling with radio frequency to identifier objects that carry RFID tags. They are mainly used to identify the presence of object with the help of radio signal generated when they come closer to the RFID tag reader. The technology make use of radio frequency wave to transfer data between a reader and a movable item to identify or to track. It does not require physical site or contact between reader and scanner. EVOLUTION OF RFID • The roots of RFID can…show more content…
This type of process helps in reduced time in locating parts and products and in production process based sensors can be installed to alert any anomalies. SOME RFID CHALLENGES Two major challenges to overcome. These are general challenges of physics of radio waves There are two things that radio wave have problem with first is a metal. • Metal reflects radio waves like a mirror reflects light. We can think about this as if we get into an elevator with our cell phone on. Sometimes we lose cell phone reception because as soon as elevator closes we are in a big metal box so radio wave have a hard to me getting in and out so if we have products that have a lot of metal content it would be hard to put RFID tags on them. • The other thing that radio waves had difficulty with is water. Water absorbs radio waves because radio waves do not penetrate water with normal frequency. The real challenge come when we put RFID tags on metal can fill with water. DISADVANTAGES • It is difficult for an RFID reader to read the information in case of RFID tags installed in liquids and metal products. • RFID technology has been referred to as invasive…show more content…
RFID REVOLUTIONARY • RFID was turned in to a network technology by linking objects through the tag and it can be a major change in business. • Manufacture can update business partners about shipment leaving their facility • Retailer can let manufacturer know when products supplies have arrived. CONCLUSION RFID technology is taking off in many places like in libraries,malls etc at a rapid pace. many firms using this technology today, but due to its feature and continous improvement the communities are going to get involved in development, It is easy to say that, the RFID tags will increase in power and prices are expected to decline .the tag will improve its efficiency, accuracy and security . A major concerns need to be addressed for implementing this technology. So that it will change things and adorns the conventional management with a new idea and for a bright future .it can be used as a tool for success and management .with more research ,the flaws and limitations can be removed .RFID application are useful and diverse for sectors such as health care , transport and manufacturing. RFID IS A SUPPORTING TECHNOLOGY----NOT A

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