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The movie begins with the burial of King Hamlet, who mysteriously died. Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, wastes no time in marrying Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius. Hamlet is deeply saddened and angered by this and he shows his anger toward his mother throughout the play. One night, Horatio and a pair of watchmen discover a ghostly figure roaming the castle that resembles Hamlet’s dad. They tell Hamlet of their discovery, and he decides to go on watch so that he might see this ghost. Once the men venture back outside they wait for any signs that a ghost is present. Shortly after they arrive outside, the ghost of King Hamlet appears to the men, and leads them throughout the castle. Hamlet gets seperated from Horatio and the others, but manages to follow…show more content…
The late King tells Hamlet to avenge his death by killing his uncle. Hamlet is enraged by this news ,and he goes and tells Horatio and the other watchmen. Hamlet starts acting strangely and Claudius and Gertrude begin to think he has gone mad. Polonius suggests that Hamlet has gone mad with love for his daughter, Ophelia, so the three decide to spy on Hamlet. Ophelia is told to lie to Hamlet, and Hamlet overhears this so he tells Ophelia to enter the nunnery. Later in the movie a traveling group of actors arrives to Elsinore and Hamlet comes up with a plan to use them to get his uncle to confess to killing his father. Hamlet decides that if he has them perform a play that closely resembles the scene of how Claudius killed King Hamlet, Claudius may be overrun with guilt and confess his sin. Hamlet’s plan almost works, but Claudius bursts out of the room before the play can finish. This proves he is guilty, so Hamlet goes to kill him. As hamlet goes to find Claudius he finds him praying and decides that he cannot kill him now because he has repented and thus his soul will go to heaven. Hamlet leaves to his mothers room to confront her and to tell her that Claudius has…show more content…
These men have letters in their bags that state that upon arrival to England, Hamlet should be killed. Hamlet finds out this plan and switches the letters so that upon their arrival, the two men should be killed instead of him. While Hamlet is in England Ophelia goes mad, with the death of her father weighing heavily on her mind. Ophelia later drowns in a river with grief. Laertes learns of this and returns to Denmark. Claudius convinces Laertes that Hamlet is to blame for the death of his father and sister. The two come up with a plan in which Laertes will dip his blade in poison and then fence against Hamlet. If Laertes strikes hamlet but one time the poison will kill him. Just incase Laertes isn't able to strike Hamlet, Claudius has a cup full of poison that he will offer to Hamlet. Hamlet wins the first match, but declines the drink from Claudius. Gertrude on the other hand takes the chalice and drinks the poison, unknowingly. She dies in moments Laertes cheats and out of rage strikes Hamlet with the poison blade. Hamlet steals the sword and slashes through Laertes. Knowing that he will soon die and feeling guilty, Laertes tells Hamlet that the blade was poisoned and so was the

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