Vision Impairment Reflection Paper

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During this experience, I didn’t have that difficult of a time completing my everyday task, but I completed this simulation within in my own home, the house I have lived in for 20 years. Knowing the layout of my house made this task much easier, but how would I do outside of my home? Not very well! Even though I was in my home, task, did however, take a longer time to complete. Instead of taking 10 seconds to get to the kitchen, it took close to a minute. Having the blindfold on, made me think more about where I was going. Also, task, such as washing my clothes, typically takes 5 minutes (gathering the clothes, walking to washroom, putting them in the machine) , but with the blindfold, it took close to 10 minutes. During this simulation, I wasn’t able to truly understand how a person with a vision impairment or blindness lives their daily lives, but with this experience I was able…show more content…
It was very hard to concentrate on a story that didn’t allow me the opportunity to follow along. Having this experience, really allowed me to understand how students with a speech and language impairment or students with a problem in focusing feel while reading their AR books or class textbooks. It was hard to understand what the story was about and truly comprehend the information. Thankfully, the images in the magazine gave me a small idea about the information, but not all children’s books and textbooks have images for students to look at and help them comprehend the information. Students with this struggle, could be accommodated by first finding the appropriate text for them. Finding ability/age appropriate books for children is key for any child to feel successful in reading. Second, providing opportunities for students to get information orally, is a great way for students to gain information and digest the information in a way that best supports them as

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