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Around the sixteenth century, leaders were required to build a successful plan in which required good strategy, education, and trust. A leader is often seen as an individual who displays exceptional commitment to his or her people, and is dedicated enough to motivate others to do better. The world has many great political leaders but unfortunately, only a few live up to the standards of a true ruler. In fact, Suleiman the Magnificent, Nelson Mandela, and Queen Elizabeth I were three of history's best leaders that had been portrayed to have great skills and power. Suleiman the magnificent was a great Ottoman leader. He was an incredible leader who brought the Ottoman Empire to its greatest power. During this time, he was great at everything he did: "Suleiman was not just a warrior. He was interested in learning, art, architecture, and law"(Simmons 36).…show more content…
Ruling England for almost 50 years in the 1500s, she represented many leadership qualities, and her character made her a good leader. She was very determined and stood up for herself. She brought England peace and prosperity it had not had for many years. Many people had been burned at the steak and lived in fear of religious persecution. Elizabeth's religious tolerance brought about peace at home. The Queen was truly depicted as a very strong leader, ”She was thought of as a good and wise ruler, who was truly loved by her people”(Carter 20). She successfully portrayed the act of leadership and good skills, which made the people appreciate her efforts. Elizabeth I “[. . .] greatly expanded the British Empire”(Carter 13), and even “[. . .] encouraged new scientific thinking”(Carter 17). She often interacted with the most well-known and highly intelligent figures of the time, such as Sir Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare, and Sir Francis Drake. Queen Elizabeth I was considered one of the greatest England monarchs and was absolutely beloved by her

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