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There are over 150 breeds of horses in the world today, and many people only know of one breed, the Thoroughbred, due to the racing industry. So, many humans would be unable to recognize different breeds much less understand the slight differences that make each breed unique. To best develop an understanding for the similarities and differences between breeds, it is encouraged to compare two classically different breeds: the American Quarter Horse and the Arabian. These breeds have enough noticeable differences for the average person to be able to actually see and understand what makes the breed unique. Originally, the American Quarter Horse was bred to be used in the United States of American around the ranch: herding, hauling, and farming.…show more content…
Both breeds have the same physical makeup in the following areas: legs, hindquarters, forequarters (the shoulder), and neck. Although these areas can range in size, shape, and muscular development, they are the same and often look the alike when comparing breeds. The areas in which the Quarter Horse and Arabian are different in appearance are the head, barrel, and tail. When teaching a non-equestrian to see the differences in the two breeds, many times one will point out the differences in head shape. the Arabian has a dished, or curved inward, skull shape, so starting at the forehead there is a slight curve down and back up at the bridge of the nose. The American Quarter horse has either a flat or roman nosed, curved outward, skeletal shape meaning the skull is either flat from the forehead to the bridge of the nose or is has a slight curve outward starting at the forehead and coming back in at the bridge of the nose. Also, a part of the head area the eyes, on an Arabian eyes will likely be wider and more expressive than the Quarter Horses. The barrel, or torso, of both horses, look similar externally but internally the Arabian has one fewer vertebrae and one less rib than the Quarter Horse. On the outside, this translates into a shorter and more compact barrel than the Quarter Horse may…show more content…
It has already been determined that Arabians have one fewer vertebrae and one less rib than the American Quarter Horse but other than those two differences, the two breeds are made up of the same physical materials. So, they both have the same organs, bones, and soft tissue other than the two bones the Arabian is missing. The main difference between the two is how their brains are "wired", this makes for different temperaments. Equestrians call this hot blooded and cold blooded. The Arabian is a hot blooded horse which means that their brain is wired to be intelligent but excitable and reactive. The Quarter Horse is a cold blooded horse which translates into the Quarter Horse being intelligent but quiet and nonsensitive. This makes for the two breeds to be different in mannerisms, so the average human when looking at the two breeds side by side might notice that the Arabian is constantly looking around and seemingly unsettled whereas the Quarter Horse may be standing with head lowered and

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