Qing Dao Continent Case Study

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Qing Dao continent. On Qing Hun Kingdom's prosperous imperial streets, the people were well-ordered and stood on both sides of the road, cheering in praise of the victorious return of the great couple Luo Chen and Fan He. This couple was considered as one of Qing Hun’s legends, they guarded the border for several years so that the neighbouring countries would not dare to invade. Also, not long ago with one swoop, they routed armies of four rival countries of Qing Hun. With a high amount of casualties, four counties can't attack Qing Hun in at least three months. Hearing of this matter, His Majesty was extremely pleased, not only moving a couple back to the Imperial City to receive commendations but also promise to gift three things they…show more content…
With her selfish, gluttonous, spoiled and overbearing personality along with her enormous body towers above ordinary man, there is no one in the city don't know female pig of Luo clan, with help of her parent's identity she always eats wherever she wants to be by force or by money. This time she recently caused a scandal by entering the private room of Medical Pavilion's Elder Qi-pia and eaten all of his medicine plants along with his spiritual and body enhancing pills mistaken as sweets, then she fainted. To calm a fury of Elder Qi-pia emperor given an edict to send her north border as the new commander of black hounds until she comes back with achievements. Everyone knows this time Luo family's miss is finished because death rate of black hounds was 99 of 100. Also on last months, it was in a constant war against powerful faction. If she really died, then the Luo Estate would have one less disaster. Yet, this trash didn’t die. Not only was she saved, but she with no hind of learning her lesson she started to beg food and sweets from servants then she locked herself in her small yard along with her food but at least her personality changed to little bit passive

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