Pros And Cons Of Snowden

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particularly in intelligence programs such as those of the NSA. Public accountability demands state officials to provide explanations for all the state programs, which includes secret programs. However, providing such explanations, particularly in pubic is almost impossible without compromising much sought after details. These public explanations also inherently act to defeat the tenacity of the secret programs. Such a position is made more complex because of the environment in which we live in. This environment is increasingly characterized by organizations and government institutions playing a central role in determining the quality of the lives we live. Thus, it is essential that such organizations and government institutions become responsible…show more content…
As such, his actions are unjustified, a fact that Schoenfeld (2014) relies on to label him a traitor rather than a whistleblower. For instance, his leaked information has been sensationalized by various media outlets. Such dramatization and exaggeration makes it difficult for the public to carry out careful scrutiny and debate on the essence of his action. The issue of concern should not be on the justification or lack thereof of Snowden’s action, but rather on whether his actions contribute to the furtherance of national security. There is a dilemma in efforts by the state to ensure the legitimacy of its secret security programs and conducting the often covert activities that underpin such programs, (Manosevitz, 2013). However, widespread state secrecy, including the possibility of secret surveillance, is a phenomenon that is arguably yet convincingly here to stay. As a result, there is a need to address the numerous challenges inherent in judicial and congressional oversight as well as on the role of the media as a public watchdog. Furthermore, the ambiguity of the role of whistleblowers and information leakers alike in their attempts to check on the executive’s secret activities needs thoughtful consideration. The subject of the legitimacy of state secrecy in the U.S has become more complex as a result of the dynamic nature of the countries

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