Persephone Symbolism

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Persephone’s pomegranate potion, is the perfect product to fit the symbolism of Persephone herself. Not only, with this product, would she have not needed to stay in the underworld but this product will allow consumers to experience exactly what Persephone symbolizes first hand, death and rebirth. Thanks to the Traders of the Underworld people will be able to taste the fruit of death, withouteating it, experience death without staying dead. Not only is Persephone is the ideal spokesperson for this product but she makes the perfect partner to ensure this products function. Her role in the underworld allows her to control the gates of death leading back to life. She will make it possible for consumers to ‘just pass through’. This product gains reliably as it has been sponsored by the Queen of the underworld herself.…show more content…
The pottery that Greeks would commonly paint would utilize specific colours to differentiate between deities. Persephone was always painted with a dark orange finish, thus inspiring the chromatic burnt orange colour scheme. The dark orange symbolized, in comparison to the white finish that was used for most female deities, her choice to stay in the underworld with Hades. The Niinion Pinax tablet has controversy over which god is which, thoughts are the one female painted in dark colour is Persephone, for the previously listed reasons (Morford, Lenardon and Sham, 352). On another tablet called the Underworld, Persephone is painted the same way, the dark orange paint is used to symbolize the chthonian, those who stay in Hades’ kingdom. (Morford, Lenardon and Sham,

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