Pros And Cons Of Foster Parent Homes

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Being a Foster parent is not easy you have to love a child you never meet and be willing to let go of the child if they have to be returned to their family or age out of the system. These children who go into the foster parent homes do not know the child's complete history or what the child could have been exposed to. Most the times the foster parents are young have lack of experience, and also some of them are older and they tend to compare the child to their own children and redirect them how they would do to their own children.Do to the high demand for a placement for children in DCS foster parents go through minimal training which leads to lack of comprehension of trauma, minimal lack of supervision from licensing agencies,and DCS which leads to high stressful situations,…show more content…
So the best solution would be to have parenting classes for trauma kids for future foster parents. This solution is feasible because foster parents would have to attend the classes in order to adopt or have access of becoming a foster parent. and the classes will be financially accurate by being free, legally they would have to attend if they would like to become a foster parent. It's morally possible because it's going to benefit them and the child by knowing the history of the children and knowing how to deal with outburst and Laris6 detachment issues, insecurity and isolation ect that the child might be going through it will help the foster parent have an understanding and different perspective of how to deal with the child situation. These parenting classes will dramatically help foster parents by teaching

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