Prophet Muhammad: The Judgement Day

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As you know judgment day is a must thing that will happen to every human being. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) showed us these signs almost 1400 years ago about judgment day. You can clearly see that most of them already happened and remaining will occur on their specific time as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned. Today Science is talking/proving things that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said 1400 years ago. You can image the power of a person, Who was not educated in any institution nor at home, don’t know read or write but He reached us the things, those happened and still happening as He said word by word. Subhan Allah! He said these things on quite different occasions but I’m going to summarize them and writing the actually context of…show more content…
The Jews will gather again to live in Bilad Canaan. Very tall buildings will build (What is happening these days) The disappearance of knowledge and the appearance of ignorance, with much killing. (Think same thing are happening today) Adultery will become widespread, and the drinking of wine will become common (Nowadays is a best example) The number of men will decrease and the number of women will increase until there are 50 women to be looked after by one man. (Still women increase and ratio is going higher and higher with everyday passes) Islam will become worn out like clothes are, until no one will know what fasting, prayer, charity and rituals are. (Almost this thing is present and continue to become worst) Allah will send a disease to fornicator that will have no cure (Think about Aids) People will begin to believe in the stars and reject AL QADAR. (Nowadays, Muslims as well believing in stars. Al Qadar is ‘The divine decree of destiny’) Men will pass by people’s graves and say: ‘Would that I were in his place’; (Think about large amount of suicidal deaths these…show more content…
Earthquakes will increase (What is going on these days) Time will pass quickly (What is going on these days) Killing will increase (What is going on these days) Wealth will increase (Yup! Think about nowadays but this is still to be increase as Prophet Said) Women will be wearing clothes but not wearing clothes These are some of the things that holy Prophet Muhammad said on separate occasions. Most of the things are happening these days but some of them still needs to be even more worse as Prophet said. And on another occasion Prophet said: ‘If my ummah (followers) bears 15 traits (qualities), tribulation (judgement day) will follow it’. Someone asked; What are they O messenger of Allah. Then Prophet replied: When any gain shared out only among the rich, with no benefit to the poor. When a trust becomes a means of making profit. When paying ZAKAT becomes a burden. When voices are raised in the mosque. When the leaders are the worst of all. When people treat a man with respect because what he may do. The appearance of the Imam

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