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As a child, Muhammad faced many challenges that impacted the rest of his life. Before he was born around 570 CE in Mecca, his father, ‘Abd Allāh, died and he was left to his mother, Āminah. As a baby, his mother sent Muhammad into the desert with a poor woman and her family to feed him, as was custom of all Arab families. They believed children would learn the qualities of self-discipline, freedom, and nobility. He spent several years in the desert until angels came to Muhammad. This coincides with Islamic belief that God protected the prophet from sin by purifying him. Muhammad described this event as, “there came unto me two men, clothed in white, with a gold basin full of snow. Then they laid upon me, and, splitting open my breast, they brought forth my heart.…show more content…
Then they washed my heart and my breast with the snow” (“Muhammad”). This caused the family he was with to notice the mole on his back, a sign of him being a prophet. He was taken his mother, who then died when he was six. Muhammad was orphaned and lived with his grandfather until he died two years later. His uncle, ‘Abū Tālib, took him in and Muhammad lived with him and his cousin ‘Alī. Although his parents were part of the Banū Hashim, a branch of the ruling tribe of Mecca at this time, and his grandfather was the leader in the Mecca community, Muhammad was unable to inherit any of his parent’s money, and was left left poor until his first marriage. He worked as a Shepard to help pay his keep. His uncle, who was a merchant, allowed Muhammad to travel with him for work, and, by young adulthood, he was known for his sense of fairness and justice, and his striking appearance, as described by ‘Alī: “He had a round face. His complexion was white tinged with redness. He had big black eyes with long lashes” (“Muhammad”). Muhammad worked hard, despite the challenges he faced early in life and gained much

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