Voting Issues: The Marijuana Legalization Initiative

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As the 2015 election is quickly approaching, people are beginning to discuss the issues and the election, while sitting around at the local coffee shops. It is very important that we know beforehand what we are voting on. Therefore, it is important that the community knows what the issues are about and what stand they are going to take before going into the voting polls. The internet has blessed us with allowing us to become informed on all the issues and not enter the polls and be blindsided on what the issues are and what stand they want to take on all of the issues. The first issue that is on the 2015 ballot is the Ohio Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment.This issue would redraw the Ohio legislative districts and also establish…show more content…
This issue would require voters to approve two questions pertaining to citizen initiatives establishing economic monopolies. However first, the Ohio Ballot Board has to determine whether an initiative would create an economic monopoly or special privilege for any nonpublic entity, including individuals, corporations and organizations. This makes the issue confusing because the previously stated topic has to be determined first before the board shall provide two separate ballot questions. As the citizen of Ohio, one has to know beforehand their stand on the topic because there may be two questions about this issue on the ballot. This issue has a different stance to it because if both questions are approved, then the amendment will take effect, but if only one question is approved then the amendment will be defeated. One can assume that if someone votes no on issue 2 then they will also be voting no on issue 3 and vice versa. If one votes yes on issue 3 then that will be established monopolies which one can assume that most of the population does not want to live in a monopolistic economy, therefore issue 2 and 3 would not be passed. We are called “the land of the free” because there are many laws that try to prevent monopolies in businesses and…show more content…
Issue 3 would legalize the medical and personal use of marijuana for persons who are 21 and older. However, the use of medical marijuana would require a doctor’s note. The problem with this issue however, is that people will being to use marijuana for either medical reasons or non medical reasons and get carried away and then we will have a bigger issue of people abusing and overusing this drug. By legalizing marijuana it will also create monopolies because the standards to this issue states that “ Marijuana and medical marijuana may be grown, cultivated and extracted for sale and medical use only at these states regulated and licensed facilities.” (Ballotpedia). Because it is only allowed to be grown at certain sites in only ten counties it is the form of a monopoly. If one votes no on issue 2 one can assume that they will also vote no on issue 3. One can assume that if marijuana gets legalized we are going to see an increase in marijuana being

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