Property Dualism: Property Dualism And The Mind Body Problem

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What is the Mind? How does it correlate to the body? Is the body and the mind the same substance or is two separate substances, the physical material and mental material, or is there the physical substance and it has mental properties. Property dualism is the best answer to the mind body problem. Without separating the mind and the body using the substance dualism point of view. This viewpoint of property dualism covers the problem of separating a physical body and the mind. The thesis statement of this paper is to discuss the issues of the mind-body problem arguing for the viewpoint of Property Dualism and refuting against it with the physicalist argument. The Mind Body problem is the question of the interaction between the idea of the mind/soul…show more content…
For the property dualist, mental phenomena are non-physical properties of physical substances. Consciousness is perhaps the most widely recognized example of a non-physical property of physical substances” (Calef, "Dualism and Mind"). An argument for property dualism is the Zombie argument. To explain the Zombie arguments, we must agree that in the philosophical sense of the term zombie, which is a physical replica of a human being (Lacewing, p. 1). So, if the mind body problem was to be answered with a non-dualism point of view then it can agree that a zombie type being would be possible. Because there is not a difference between mental and physical…show more content…
This explains that if your mind is the same as your physical body then a zombie would be possible. Michael Lacewing stated “If a creature could be physically identical to you but not have consciousness – then consciousness is not identical to any physical properties. This is property dualism” (Lacewing, p. 1). Another way to think about this would be if a person was to be an identical twin, then in the mind of the physicalist the twins should have the same consciousness. Since everything is all physical, but it is understood in a modern society that this is not the case. This then furthers the idea that the mind and the body are both things that exist. This does not prove that they are two fully separate things, but that they are both real. The one argument of against property dualism is that the brain is a machine that produces a biological output that creates the

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