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1. Challenges • Challenges with Collaboration and Teaming BIM is a complex and delicate system. This is a new concept for everyone and companies are finding it difficult to implement. In the construction industry, workers lack the professional skills and knowledge to fully utilize this new concept. BIM provides new way for cooperation; it shows the development of issues to relative effectual teams. The project team members will use BIM to determine the methods which permit adequate sharing of model information. For example, the architect would use paper-based drawings, and then the contractor would build the model necessary. Therefore, they can use it for construction planning, estimating, and coordination. • Changes in Practice and…show more content…
BIM improves coordination among team members by making design changes, and all consequences of those changes, evident and available to all users of the model and to all parametric model elements. Demonstrate your team’s knowledge on project workflow and communication strategies 1. Project workflow BIM is not only a program; it is a simple 3D model. It is a database that not only model elements but the large amounts of information that constitute the project. While previous workflows rely on multiple file formats and disconnected processes that quickly became out of sync when changes were made, BIM workflows allow for a much more dynamic and synchronized approach to project management. In a BIM workflow, drawings are no longer discrete collections of lines and text; instead they are generated from the database and edited to suit architects' needs. BIM drawings are authored much faster because these types of drawings are views of a larger database, drafts can be produce with only a few clicks. In addition, all drawings update themselves if managed properly, drastically reducing mistakes in set…show more content…
Documentation and coordination tasks are completed within a suite of interoperable programs and information can be shared with a wide range of people within a project team. BIM allows more information to be embedded into the model and many cost and coordination issues are addressed prior to construction. These documents are part of the model and are coordinated with the current status of the design, document reviews, when changes are needed, have been greatly reduced or completely eliminated. The BIM process will impact almost every stage of the project from the initial discussions to design and construction, to well after the keys are handed over to the owners and facility managers. The information contained in the BIM model will evolve every project phase and can be accessed and sorted in ways that make it much more effective to manage assigned tasks. 2. Communication strategies BIM gives the project team the capability to communicate information necessary for making decisions. Communication is the most important part for the function of project delivery with the largest impediment to success and the area that needs the most

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