Motivation In Roald Dahl's Skin

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Many people are driven towards actions because of motivations. In Skin and other stories, the characters have the natural urge to watch each other closely. In Roald Dahl's Skin and other stories, the natural urge to watch other humans is seen in great detail. Many readers recognize this trait in the stories “The African Story", "Galloping Foxley" And "My Lady Love, My Dove". The reader is led to the conclusion that the protagonists in these stories stalk their fellow characters because of the same motivation: figuring out who our peers really are. Secondly, in Galloping Foxley, William Perkins study's a stranger for multiple days trying to figure out who he really is. Day after day, Perkins pretends to read the daily newspaper, but is really watching the every move and taking in every aspect of the…show more content…
“All we've got to do is put a microphone in their room." (Dahl, P. 198) When Pamela says this to her husband, he is shocked. He never thought that his wife would do something like that even though they’ve done it before on multiple occasions. "Just as right as when you found those letters of Mary Probert and read them through beginning to end"… "You read them afterwards, Pamela." (Dahl, P.200) This proves that this couple frequently observes others personal business. Furthermore, both Pamela and Arthur watch an equal amount because once one of them starts, the other one follows along. In this story, not only do Pamela and Arthur watch others closely, but their kind house guests, the Snape’s, observe hand motions and patterns so frequently that they were able to figure out certain card hands." He tells her the number of cards he has in each suit by the positioning of his fingers." (Dahl, P.211) This shows that the Snape’s study others so much that they are able to cheat of basic hand positions and signals. In this story, both sets of characters show the

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