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You may not realize it, but football display cases can be a great investment and count as a major part of your collection. Whether you are a home collector, want to show your collection off in a studio, or you run a business that sells football and sports collectibles, having the right display cases can make the difference between your collection being unnoticed or noticed by everyone. There are a few things that go into the purchase of a display case, and when it comes to football display cases you have a little extra challenge. You want to purchase display cases that are the right dimensions for the item(s) you plan to put on display. That means a case for a helmet will be different than one for a football. And if you plan to display other sports memorabilia you may want to purchase a different case, to keep a theme going. Picking The Right Size…show more content…
If you want to display only a couple footballs, you'll be safe purchasing a smaller sized case. However, if you have twenty helmets to display then you will want a loftier case. And, displaying your items may also mean have some extra display items you can add to your case that make the items easier to see, such as different types of stands. A hat stand will work to keep a hat or maybe a helmet up and possibly tilted for better view, while a ball will need a stand custom made to hold it in place. How Much Visibility Visibility is about more than just having your items on the right stand, but also about the material of your display case. A wood backed display case is ideal for an area against a wall, but if you want your items centered in a room then you'll want a case that is glass on all sides so that items can be viewed from any angle. You may also want to be able to put layered rows of footballs or football helmets within your case. Setting Up

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