Apol 104 Summary Chapter 3

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Starting Chapter 3, I learned about Hinduism and the different religions such as the Vedas and that there are 4 different ones, and what they mean. I also learned there are 4 “Samhita’s”, or collections of the Vedic world, and how they interact with everyday life. Anyhow, in several pages it described about The Law of Karma. Karma is listed in the article and states that it effects actions and also effects ones destiny. The belief of this “myth” frazzles everyone, and makes one think “is this actually possible”. Another question was, do you feel trapped by attachment to the material world caused by the desire to crave something? And also does that attachment cause ignorance of the spiritual dimension of life? To fully understand each question I read up on Hinduism and found some interesting information that pertained to each question.…show more content…
I certainly believe Karma is real, and it serves as either a good or bad thing that can happen to you, here or down the road from now. Karma is perceived to be trapped in the Atman (Eternal soul) and in the cycle of rebirth (Samsara), which then leads to the law of karma. It is said to be that, if karma is broken, the Atman`s journey through rebirth will continue due to the existence and actions caused by the prior life of the person. For instance say I was to help out and provide food for the homeless; maybe in the future good karma might bring me something in return. But karma is not always good and therefore, it might land you in some unforgiving

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