Personal Narrative: My Relationship With Multiple Criminal Interests

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I am concerned for my friend Jess in her relationship with, what I believe is, a psychopathic individual. Unfortunately, she is rather clingy to her boyfriend Jake. She believes he is her knight in shining armor and he does nothing wrong. He has been charged with multiple criminal offenses. The entire time he pleads innocent and always blames it on being in the wrong place at the wrong time. His eyes are like a shark, glassed over and dead inside. While his face and voice shows emotion his eyes never seem to fit the part. The worst part is the blind faith a lot of people have in him. His charm is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The way he pulls people into his life with charm and an undying loyalty to him, his lack of emotion, and the multiple criminal offenses concerns me that my friend may be dating a psychopath.…show more content…
He has an uncanny way of making people feel comfortable around him. The manner in which Jake brings people close and then uses them is disheartening. The interesting part is no one else can see it but me. He has everyone under a spell that he is this great guy who never does anything wrong. Jess is the worst about believing him too. I’ve been to their apartment and there are holes in the walls and broken lamps in almost every room. Jess claims she made him mad and it was her fault. When I confronted Jake about it he told me I better watch out and stay away from his girl. Jake told Jess she should not be friends with me and I’m trying to get between them. Once I even saw a bruise on Jess’s shoulder, but she said it was an

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