Prime Bank Case Study

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Assessment of customer satisfaction level According to consequences the table represents the foundation of customers’ perceptions of the service quality dimensions in the opinion poll. The result shows that Prime Bank is good in reliability, assurance, empathy and tangibles proportions. Name of the Bank Reliability Responsiveness Assurance Empathy Tangibles Prime Bank 4.34375 (good) 3.82813 (Poor 4.0625) (good) 4.20313 (good) 4.5468 (good) Findings The following findings are acknowledged during the research period: Prime Bank customer service quality is good according to the perceptions of the customers. In terms of reliability they are providing the best services so that customers are pleased. When service quality increases then…show more content…
By escalating diverse and up-to-the-minute technologies and dealings. So, tangibles can be enhanced and provide precise service quality for civilizing customer satisfaction. Recommendations As we all know Prime bank Ltd is one of the distinguished banks in our country. From my little knowledge it’s quite tough to give recommendation to such a entrenched bank. On my viewpoint some suggestions for the improvement of service quality: They should do more promotion activities to perk up their charisma in the minds of their prospective target market. As we see that, media coverage of Prime bank Ltd is not so well-built. To catch the attention of new clients, they should go for mass media coverage like TV, Radio etc. Prime Bank as a monetary institution they need flattering relationship among all the departments to run a course completely so they should try to be more dynamic in their work. Diverse departments of the bank should work like a team to offer rapid and competent services to the…show more content…
can be done by automated process rather than manual process. So, they can increase the procedure of these machines. While I was as an intern I found out that there is always trouble with the scanner, printer, zerox machine and computers. Customers ask for more superiority service especially quick, accurate service and good conduct from the employees. As they think a private bank should provide such quality sufficiently behavior. So, Prime Bank needs to observe about that and they need to progress their service quality and instruct their employees. Prime Bank Ltd should start mobile banking service because it is very uncomplicated to carry money and its one of the protected and trouble-free banking competence. Mobile banking is easy to compensate and easy to acquire where ever people want. Online customer service is one of the most recognizable services in the entire world. So, they need to focus on that service which is very significant for Prime Bank Ltd for increasing and attracting consumers. Thus they should take obligatory steps to resolve this

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