Einsatzgruppen In The Holocaust

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Einsatzgruppen The Holocaust was an important situation for the Jews and for the Gypsies during World War II. They were sent to death camps or labor camps under the main leaders. One of the camps they were sent to was the Einsatzgruppen, a killing center for mainly the Jews and Gypsies. The people who helped start the Einsatzgruppen and how they were formed to help. They start with the main leader he was Hitler then he named Heinrich Himmler SS chief and Heydrich was put as the organizer under him (Axelrod). The Einsatzgruppen also known as the “Action Groups” the mobile killing squads formed the camp Einsatzgruppen that would include the killing of the Jews and other “undesirables” (Catherwood). Jews and Gypsies were put into four different divisions known as groups A, B, C, and D. the…show more content…
At the Einsatzgruppen almost three thousand men involved they all seemed to enjoy the work they were doing. They were laughing and joking about the killings of the Jews. The blood, gore, and the splattered brains had no effect on the soldiers but one of the Nazis officer complained about it (Roleff). World War II and Hitler did what they wanted to do with the Jews and the others taking them to the Einsatzgruppen to kill them. Einsatzgruppen killed 34,000 men, women and children (Cathwewood). In all the Einsatzgruppen was responsible for murdering more than 1.5 million Jews between 1941 and 1944 the Nazi had reached their extermination goal (Hurvitz and Karesh). Before the trial of Einsatzgruppen Heydrich used his position of power so aggressively that he earned the Sobriquet Der Henker also known as the “Hangman”. He played a key role in the 1938 purge of the German army high commanded, but he masterminded a program of disinformation that helped to incite Joseph Stalin purge the Red army, an action that weakened the Soviet officer corps on the eve of World War II

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