Pressure Ulcer Case Study

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I was taking care of Mrs. Lilly Irene in the medical surgical floor, room 907, MRN 7475881; her age 66, weight 102lb with a height of 5’3”. I noticed that her BMI is 18.1 barely under normal value of 18.5, so I soon realized that Mrs. Lilly was under weight; however, she sustains a pressure ulcer that I had to assess; the length of the ulcer was 3cm and width 2cm, it did not look moist, but it was painful to the touch, the skin surrounded was a bit cyanotic in color, turgor was fragile, and the temperature was warm. My concern was that her pressure ulcer would increase in size because she does not have the sufficient energy to move around due to her inadequate food intake pattern and cardiovascular issues, so I spoke with Doctor R. Quill,

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