Powerade Compare And Contrast

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Gatorade and Powerade are both great sports drinks, but don’t you ever wonder which is better. As an athlete myself I wonder this all the time. Origins: Gatorade was started at the University of Florida. It was used to enhance the performance of an athlete and keep them Hydrated during summer practices. It quickly rose to fame when the Pepsi Company bought it in 2002. As of 2010 Gatorade is Pepsi’s 4th largest brand. According to Coca-Cola Powerade was made to compete with Gatorade. Powerade Ion4 helps you sustain your physical performance. Available in two fruit flavors Powerade contains ingredients such as water and sodium that keeps you hydrated when the game is on. According to Coca-Cola Powerade keeps you thirsty until you’re properly hydrated. Is that good or bad? Will we ever know?…show more content…
Perspiration is the production of sweat glands in mammals. It also gives you certain amount of nutrients to give you the best performance. Gatorade produces a precise amount of sodium, potassium, and carbohydrates in the form of sugars that keep you hydrated when the game is on. I am going to show you the ingredients in Blue Powerade. They have ingredients such as water, glucose, fructose, citric acid, mineral salts. I found that information from the Coca-Cola website. Are these products healthy? Glucose is an important energy to life. It is in the form of a sugar. From this information Powerade does give you the Glucose that you need to keep going when the game is

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