The Day The Earth Stood Still Film Techniques

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. In The day the Earth Stood Still the film illustrated the fear and suspicion that characterized the early cold war and atomic age. Klaatu continually mentions how he is not concerned about petty government quarrels and that his message needs the unity of world. The entire movie is spent with all the Americans he meets scared of the unknown and constantly putting down other countries. His message is that since their technology is getting more advanced they cannot use it for weapons or dangerous things that it can only be used for science and peaceful exploration. Robert Wise, the director, uses slow shots and not quickly moving scenes to demonstrate reason over fear. He deliberately utilizes the slowness of the movie to show that everything Klaatu does is thought out and not out of panic. The soundtrack also shows that by have slower sounds that are scary in tone to emphasize the importance of the situation and the fear of the situation. Wise has a few messages in the movie such as science over faith and reason over fear. Through the camera angles and soundtrack Wise pushes these messages through.…show more content…
Godzilla, by Ishirô Honda, seemingly is a movie about a giant monster attacking Japanese towns and cities but in reality it plays on the fears of the nuclear attacks and radiation. The movie utilizes a very scary and almost sinful soundtrack and has very brash lighting. Constantly having explosions and flashes of lights across the screen. The music had a score that perfectly fit the doom-laden, apocalyptic tone of the film. The noise of the monster’s footfalls and the sound of its roar were very loud and scary with a sense of real animalistic behavior and noises. A major component of the movie was the constant debate about do you fight violence with violence which is also a major issue of the time due all the wars and the outbreak of

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