Julius Caesar Stuck In The Middle With You Essay

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The curtains rise on Act III, scene i, the scene where the great Caesar meets his demise, and the audience is on the edge of their seats in anticipation, because they know what is going to happen. This play has been done again and again, and with each director comes a different spin on the play, and in this scene, the climax of the play, the director has decided to add the element of music. The music that seems to best accompany this monumental scene is “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel. “Stuck in the Middle with You” best captures the death of Caesar in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, because it captures the ominous feeling that Caesar and his allies felt, his bond with Brutus being broken, and the confusion that Caesar felt throughout his assassination. First and…show more content…
Brutus and Caesar were great friends, but as Caesar started getting closer to power, Brutus felt he needed to protect Rome’s freedom. Brutus describes this to the townspeople, “Not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more.” (Act III. scene ii. lines 21-22). Brutus felt he owed Rome a service to save it from tyranny, but, in fact, Caesar was closer to the townspeople than all of the other senators. When Brutus decided to join the conspirators, it was due to counterfeit letters from townspeople and the requests of his friends. The repeating lyrics and, in fact, the name of the song, “Stuck in the Middle with You” represents how Caesar thinks that Brutus is one of the only people he can trust. On the other hand, the lines “And your friends they all come crawling slap you on the back and say: "Please!" "Please!"” (Stealers Wheel). This represents the peer pressure that forced Brutus to go and kill Caesar, and how the senators implored Brutus to join them. Brutus’ not only deceived Caesar, but because of his deception he added to the confusion of the

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