Persuasive Essay On Torture

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If doctors and policemen are allowed and it is acceptable for them to violate human rights by amputating one’s body to help save their lives or shoot criminals on the spot in defense, then why it is unacceptable for officers to torture criminals to gain vital information? After all those violations serve the same purpose; saving innocent lives and creating a safer society , questions Sukriti Gyawali. “Torture is practiced in more than 90% of all countries in all regions of the world, regardless of whether it’s big or small, dictatorship or democracy”, and is mostly seen as an immoral act from many people's perspectives. To torture is to inflict severe pain both mentally and physically on someone to serve the purpose of either forcing the…show more content…
Think about it, is it? Especially if the end result of torturing people like terrorists who are proven to be guilty would help save hundreds or even thousands of innocent lives. Don’t you believe that people who commit terrible crimes deserve all the pain they get, due to them breaking the law and inflicting pain on someone else first. I most certainly do. Even though torture isn’t generally believed to be a moral act, torture is necessary to be performed in order to ensure that the safety of a society is upheld, justice is served and innocent lives aren’t lost. Although the act of torture is necessary, it is still an extremely cruel form of punishment that has the potential of leaving the victims mentally and/or physically scarred for often their whole life. Being tortured has the potential to ruin the victim’s entire life, because they wouldn’t be able to move on due to their past memories and their past frequently haunting them. For example, most victims that have been tortured in the past suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Post traumatic stress disorder is triggered after being tortured due to the fact that, according to a psychologist named Mark Domebeck, “torture is trauma, and trauma causes post traumatic stress
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